Skin Care Products

The secret to a fast, natural tan is finding the perfect combination of high-quality equipment and results-driven products for your skin. Not only does Revive Tan have the best of both, but we also employ an incredibly well-trained staff who can help you pick out the combination of beds and lotions that best suits your skin type and goals.


Take your tan to the next level with products that offer an array of exclusive features such as silicone, micronutrients, Erythrulose, and Derma Dark (clear bronzer)


Jump start your base tan with the essential moisturization and nutrients your skin needs without the use of DHA or cosmetic bronzers for your most naturally bronzed look.


Kick your tan into overdrive for the ultimate deep bronzing look with lotions that produce both instant and delayed color while keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized.


Amplify your tan with 95% naturally derived products that are paraben free, gluten free, and hemp free.


Promote your deepest, darkest, and fastest color possible by oxygenating the skin, triggering an increase in melanin production.


Certain parts of the body tan differently from the rest. Compliment your legs with lotions containing shave minimizers and firming agents. Treat your face the way it should be with specifically formulated, non-comedogenic lotions that won’t clog pours and increases skin elasticity.

Tan Extenders

Replenish your skin with all the nutrient, vitamins, and moisture that are lost during UV exposure and extend the life of your tan beyond your indoor tanning session.


Gentlemen, amp up your tan with lotions that are safe for your face and body.  All men products have no after tan odor and leave your skin smelling masculine with no greasy after feel.

Red Light Therapy

Allows Red Light to work in half the time with specifically formulated ingredients to rebuild skin cells, brighten the skin, and relax fine lines and wrinkles. All three products can be used in and outside of Red Light. Apply at least once a day for optimal results.

I think I tan better without a lotion. So why should I use one?

Indoor tanning and UV exposure can be dehydrating to the skin. Professional Grade lotions will help to replenish any moisture that has been depleted during the tanning session, thereby improving your results. Not only will you get a darker tan, you will tan more quickly and it will last longer. In addition, professional grade  lotions contain specific ingredients that promote tanning and melanin synthesis.

Can I use tanning lotion on my face?

The facial area is much more delicate and more likely to have allergic reactions in comparison to the rest of the body. In fact, fragrance is one of the most common reasons for cosmetic allergic reactions on the face. That is why we recommend using products specifically designed for the delicate facial area. We carry facial accelerators and bronzers that are fragrance free and/or hypoallergenic that are specifically designed for the face.

How does tingle work? What does it do?

Tingle products deliver a warming, reddening effect on the skin. The active ingredient in tingle lotions is Benzyl Nicotinate. Tingle products increase the skin cell’s microcirculation and oxygenation to produce deep, dark tanning results. Tingles are for advanced tanners and are not recommended for beginning tanners or individuals with sensitive skin. Tingle products are also effective on hard to tan areas such as women’s legs. TINGLE ADVISORY WHEN HANDLING INFANTS: As with all tingle products, extra care should be taken when handling children as the reddening effect could be transferred to skin even hours after use.

How can I stop the tingle action on the skin?

Most salons should carry a stop action type product. If not try a daily moisturizer to mitigate the heat sensation. This will not stop the tingle, but it will alleviate it to a certain extent. Taking a shower with “COOL WATER” and mild soap will also help ease the tingle. Never use warm or hot water as this will open up the pores and cause an even greater, intense tingle sensation.

How does a bronzer work?

Bronzers provide bronze gratification from immediate cosmetic bronzers such as caramel and walnut extract as well as from DHA sunless tanning agents, which oxidize over a few hours with natural proteins in the skin to develop even deeper, darker results. It’s recommended waiting at least 4 hours to shower after tanning with any bronzer to ensure results.