Bronzing Sun

Our variety of bronzing beds help you to safely and efficiently build, maximize and maintain a natural suntan in the shortest time possible. Each session is equipped with customizable comfort settings such as refreshing skincare and aroma mists, integrated air conditioning and sound systems, plus advanced plateau breaking technology.

hydro therapy

Our personal steam sauna pods gently cleanse and exfoliate to reveal your softest, smoothest skin and deeply hydrate through skincare infused steam. Additional chroma (color) therapy and vibrational massage bed provide ambient comfort and relaxation to complete the full "spa" experience.

Infrared sauna

Our personal infrared sauna pods let you relax your mind and body while lying on a vibrational massage bed detoxify through your skin for a clearer appearance, aid in weight management by reducing water retention and increasing metabolic rate, relieve muscle and joint pain, and even improve quality of sleep.

Red Light Therapy

Our variety of Red Light equipment, including LED Red Light, will completely transform your skin through noninvasive photorejuvenation. Increased collagen and elastin production helps tighten skin and decrease the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Increased circulation helps even out skin tone and texture while promoting overall skin smoothness. Activated wound healing can fade scars and stretch marks. Paired with our vibrating frequency plate, Red Light can also help decrease the appearance of cellulite.

Personalized Sun

Our skin sensor technology accurately measures your skin type prior to your UV session. This control allows for personalized results while minimizing the risk of overexposure.

Hybrid Sun

Our hybrid equipment harnesses the benefit of Red Light and UV in one bed. Stimulate melanin production to rapidly build a suntan while smoothing the skin to deliver a flawless, healthy glow.

Sunless SPray

Our sunless solutions are formulated with organic and naturally derived ingredients and infused with optimal skin care. The brown and green marine algae blend aids in skin detoxification, hydration, and anti-aging properties. Antiinflammatory moisturizing treatments can be used alone or in addition to a sunless tan.

Vitamin D

Our Vitamin D equipment offers the option to completely cut out the unnecessary UVA rays and deliver only Vitamin D producing UVB rays. This control allows for increased health benefits while minimizing the effects of photoaging.

Massage Therapy

Our full body, zero gravity massage chair utilizes 5 massage techniques plus compression therapy to increase circulation, decrease muscle and joint pain, and aid in relaxation.


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