Sun Angel Duo 600

Let yourself go and float away into dreamland in the relaxing SUN ANGEL DUO 600. It features two programs – Essential Sunshine and Styling Sunshine – that deliver a personalized UV spectrum while virtually eliminating the possibility of overexposure.

2 options to choose:


  • Tan exclusively with Type B UV lamps
  • UV spectrum conducive to Vitamin D3 synthesis*
  • Build-up of indirect pigmentation


  • Unique UV spectrum produces a deep, long-lasting and beautiful tan unlike any conventional sunbed
  • Immediately visible direct pigmentation thanks to UV-A
  • Builds a long-lasting base tan
  • With repeated sessions, the UV dose will be increased based on the skin sensor reading.

Additional Options

  • 15 Minute Max Time
  • Controlled Uv Output With Skin Sensor Technology
  • Eliminates Possibility Of Over Exposure
  • 42 Dynamic Bronzing Power 200-Watt UV lamps
  • 4x Ultra Performance Bronzing Facial Tanners
  • 3x UV-B Facial Tanners
  • Myst and Aroma
  • Air Conditioning
  • Stereo Sound System with Aux Hook up
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